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First, CLICK to upload your photos...

Make sticker for a
single Twistmas Light

I have a single Twistmas Light.

Make stickers for a
set of six Twistmas Lights

I have a set of six Twistmas Lights or want to purchase a pre-printed and twisted set of six Twistmas Lights.

Once you have placed your photos within the template you can download your stickers directly to your computer or have them emailed to the email address you signed up with. This .pdf file contains your images sized perfectly to fit the Twistmas Lights photo sticker template.

There is a 5 Megabyte size limit on photos that can be uploaded to the Twistmas Light template. If you are getting an error that your photos are too large you can adjust the size here ( ) or similar free online services.

Low res photos or photos where you are only using a small part of the photo can end up being blurry. Please print out a test version of your photos to make sure the quality is what you are expecting.

print-photo Print and stick!

Next, PRINT your photos...

Open the pdf of your images that you downloaded to your computer or arrived via email. Load the label paper that came with your package of Twistmas Lights into your printer. We highly recommend that you first print your photos on the sheet of test paper provided. This will allow you to see the quality of your photos and make any adjustments necessary before printing your final photos on the label paper.


Having your printer set on "FIT TO PRINT" could lead to your stickers being printed incorrectly.

Once your sheet of stickers has printed, peel each individual sticker off and place the image on the photo disc provided in your Twistmas Light package.

Once stuck on a disc you cannot you remove the sticker. Stickers do not need to be exact. Twistmas Lights are designed so that they will still look great even if the sticker is off a little bit.

print-photo Twist into place!

It's time to TWIST your photo into place...

After assembling your six photo discs you will be able to position each disc into the base of a Twistmas Light and secure it in place.

Once your photo disc has been placed into the base you are now ready to TWIST the cap of the Twistmas Light into place.